The Boy Who Cried Wolf Skit

I am writing these skits because in class we are learning about forms of fiction. My form was fables, this is am ancient fable from Greece. I hope you like them.


Boy: I am bored today, I guess I will mess with the villagers.

Sheep: Bahhh bahhh

Boy: Wolf ! Wolf !

Villagers: Where? Where is the wolf?

Boy: Hahh! Hahhh! Hahhh!

One Day Later

Boy: Once again I am bored.

Sheep: Bahhh bahhh.

Boy: Wolf! It is attacking my sheep!

Villagers: Where is it?

Boy: Hahh! Hahh!

Villagers: Dumb boy!!!!

One Day Later

Boy: Omg! It is a real wolf. Ahh! Ahh! Wolf! Wolf!

Sheep:Ahh! Death is near!

Wolf: Hah! Hah!

Villagers: How will we ever survive without any Food?


Boy: I am bored but I will stay and do my job. Hey look it is the villagers.

Villagers: Is everything okay?

Boy: Yes.

Villagers: okay we will go now.

One Day Later

Boy:Wolf  it is attacking my sheep.

Villagers: Ahh a wolf. We shall shew it away. Goodbye wolf.

Boy: Yay! All of my sheep are safe now.

Wolf: I hate you.

Villagers: Now we have food to survive!

Response to Lit. Claws by Dan Greenburg

Have you ever had your life ruined? Well, Cody the main character in Claws by Dan Greenburg has. Cody had to find his way to the Sam Huston Tiger Ranch. That is one of the many settings in the story. Some of them were the bunk house, the tiger cages, and the Heartbreak Hotel. There were also many characters. A few of them are ,Cody, Deke, Sunny, and Wayland.Cody ran away from home in the first place because his mother was crazy and abusive. Cody had to hitchhike his way from New York to Texas. Once at the ranch he got his job picking up tiger poop. He also got to meet and give milk to the baby tigers. A unexpected tornado hit the ranch killing six tigers and setting some free Brutus was one of the tigers that got set free by the twister. He is the biggest, meanest, scariest, and fiercest tiger. He was threatening a little boy that lived next door. Cody had to go retrieve Brutus so he wouldn’t attack.This was one of Cody’s scariest moments. Wayland,Sunny’s brother, was supposedly dead. Detectives accused Sunny of murdering him. Cody found out that Wayland was actually alive. He went to the Heartbreak Hotel and that is where he got his information about Wayland. Deke, the older man who worked at the ranch, and Wayland,Sunny’s brother were going to put sunny in jail and then sail the ranch. Deke, was trying to kill Cody because he found out their plan. Because Cody knew Brutus, the tiger hurt Deke and saved Cody from a painful death.  My heart was going one hundred miles a minute when Cody’s mom somehow tracked him down and found him. She was going to take him home to abuse him some more. Cody somehow got the courage to stand up to his mom. He said that he would ruin her career. She left him with a few meaningful words.This story made me conclude to the theme that people may make your life bad but they always get what they deserve.

It’s no wonder Dan Greenburg made th setting where it is. The setting supports the theme of people make your life bad but they always get what they deserve in so many ways.The Sam Huston Tiger Ranch is one of the most important settings. At the ranch there are many dangerous animals. That is where Wayland “died.” without the pile where the ranch put the animal feces. That made it look like Wayland Was murdered. It also looked like someone tried to cover up his death. The detectives framed Sunny of murder for this reason. The criminals that faked a murder got what they deserved.One got severly hurt and the other got later killed by a circus tiger. That supports the theme too.The Bunk house is another setting to helps support the theme. There Dywane bullies Cody over a little thing such as the bunk on a bunk bed. This made Cody’s life even worse. Without the bunks this would not have happen. Dywane got what he deserved because he got his arm bit off by Brutus the Siberian tiger. This also supports the theme.

Dan Greenburg made many characters that support the theme people make your life bad but they always get what they deserve. One example o a character is Deke. He was trying to kill Cody because he knew Deke’s secret. Brutus the tiger somehow escaped from his cage and injured Deke saving Cody. Deke got what he deserved. Wayland was another character that got what he deserved. He framed Sunny of murder but he was alive. He did this all to get money by selling the tiger ranch. He later on got killed by a tiger at the Ringling Brothers Circus. He really got what he deserved. Dywane one of Cody’s roommates got what he deserved.  He was throwing a fit about what bunk he wanted and that made Cody’s life worse. Since he was bigger he bullied Cody. He got his arm bit off by Brutus the tiger. Cody’s mom made his life the worst of all, she abused him and was mean.  She tracked Cody down after he ran away. She was going to take Cody home and abuse him some more. His mom got what she deserved. She did not get what she wanted because Sunny told her that she could not treat Cody like that.

The author of Claws used many important words that support the theme of this story which is people make your life bad but they always get what they deserve. When I think of Claws I think of many words. One example is framing. Deke and Wayland framed Sunny of murder. They got what they deserved. Murder and selling are also important words. Murder is important because Wayland faked murder and selling is important because they framed murder to sell the ranch. Mother and abuse are important too. Mother is important because Cody’s mother was crazy and mean. Abuse is what his mom did to Cody so he ran away. His mom got what she deserved as for the other people in this story.

In conclusion Dan Greenburg made a brilliant theme. He had many things to support the theme of people make your life bad but they always get what they deserve at the end. I can use this theme in my life when I am down because someone did something bad, I will know the person will get what they deserve and it could cheer me up. He used characters and settings to help support the theme and when I think of this book many words come to mind. Dan Greenburg is a great author who wrote a very interesting book.

Research Report – Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar

BY Kobe C

Mysterious and tricky to read. Are you good at solving mysteries? The Mayan Calendar was made in the fifth century BC. It is very old and the Mayans had to be very smart to make it. The Mayans lived in Mexico and were skillful warriors. The calendar has pictures of their gods too. Along with the calendar came the Mayan’s predictions. The calendar is very complicated and most people do not know how to read it. The calendar has many of us guessing what the calendar is made of, all of the reasons for making it, and if their prophecies are are true.

mayan calendar

The Calendar Was Made

There are many ways the Mayans made their calendar. The Mayans were brilliant astronomers who used the moon to make the calendar. The Moon’s lunar cycle made up the average month(Geoff). There were 365.242 days in a lunar year according to the calendar(Geoff). The Mayans kept track of the Moon’s movement and wrote it down on the calendar. Some of their predictions were based on their gods(Carlos). Haab is the actual name of the Mayan Calendar.The Mayans used stone and clay to make the calendar(Wikipedia). But, it is not really known what their primary source was. It’s amazing how the Mayans were so advanced in their technology. They are so smart and creative.

Reasons for the Calendar

The Mayans Made the calendar for many useful reasons. One of the reasons was to keep track of the days(Geoff). The calendar also helped keep track of the seasons(Geoff). Knowing the season was useful when planting crops. If it was the wrong season for your crops they would die. The calendar also helped keep track of their prophecies. They would also know when important events would happen. Some of their important events were rituals for the gods(Carlos). Another useful thing was that the Mayans would know when rainy season was coming or a drought was coming.

The Accurate Predictions

The lunations and year predictions are scientificly proven. Scientists have looked at the Moon and saw that that the Mayans were correct when looking at the Moon(Geoff). The calendar was made in the fifth century BC. That’s pretty old, So maybe the calendar can have some flaws in it. We do not know much about their predictions. We do not know if their predictions were ever correct. We do not even know how they came up with their predictions. All we know they could have guessed and it would completely wrong.

2012 The Disaster

2012 is probably one of the Mayan’s biggest predictions. The world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012(Wikipedia). There will be tsunamis,volcanic eruptions,earthquakes, and floods. It is also one of the most well know prediction in the world! This is a very contreversial topic and many people do not believe it(Wikipedia). For that reason no one really knows if it will happen. Can all of this destruction happen all in once? We will just have to wait and see.



I think that the Mayans were very intelligent and had their own way of keeping track of days. I learned how the Mayan Calendar had many reasons to it. I was really surprised when I heard what would happen in 2012. That is so destructive! I would like to learn more about the other types of calendars that were being made across the world in the same time period.

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Vacation Time – Writing

My school had vacation from Christmas to New Years. My family had a huge party for Christmas. Everyone got lots of presents. Even the adults too. At our party I had so much fun with my cousins and friends. The day after that every one came over again to play with our presents. My family also had a party on New Years. We drank apple cider and set fireworks. My dog got very scared of the noises. Over all I had the best Winter Break!

The Mutant Puddle By Kobe C -Narritive

The Mutant Puddle

Kennedy Koustaf, a twelve year old boy, who lived in New York City, was slowly walking down the street on a foggy day with his friends when he stepped in a green puddle. Later that day when Kennedy was home he got nauseous. He laid in bed thinking that the feeling would go away. He didn’t want to tell his mom what was happening because she would make him go to the doctor.

The next day after resting Kennedy felt the same but actually he had shrunk about a couple inches. He knew something bad was happening so he decided to go to his friend’s house, who was a witch doctor. Kennedy told him everything that happened in the past day but the witch doctor could think of no cure. He just gave him a bottle of sacred Obluce juice. The Obluce juice was given to people who were sick. Kennedy drank the juice all of the time but it never worked on him. Everyone wanted the juice because of its powers, it was very rare too. When Kennedy shrank it didn’t hurt him but his insides felt tingly. On the night of the second day he went on the computer to search for a solution to his symptoms since the Obluce juice did not work. He found out that the only thing that could save him from not shrinking any more was a Plertal egg which could only be found only in Central Park. Kennedy got so tired that he fell asleep on the keyboard.

When Kennedy woke up, he noticed that he was small and inside of a glass jar.

“Where am I?” He thought as he started stretching.

He could felt that he was in a car because of the New York potholes on the streets. He felt a lot shorter and saw brown all around him. It was really scary because he was enclosed inside a jar. He heard people talking which meant he had been kidnapped.  He overheard them talking about wanting Obluce juice.  They had deep scary voices. It came to him that he had left the Obluce juice on the kitchen counter of the house.  They could have stolen it when they kidnapped him.  The movement came to a stop.  He heard people getting out of the car and his jar was picked up.  He banged the glass screaming, “get me out of her!”

They took him out of the box and he could see they were in a hotel, the Empire State Building.  They were in the elevator going up.  Once they were at the top of the Empire State Building they put Kennedy’s jar over the edge. Kennedy was terrified as he looked down on to the street seeing people as small as ants.

“Please don’t drop me!” Kennedy pleaded

“You must give us the Obluce juice before we can put you down.” The kidnappers said.

“I left it on the kitchen counter in my house.” Kennedy exclaimed as he was all worried.

“Well I guess we will have to drop you.” The kidnappers said.

“Nooooo!” Kennedy yelled as he squeezed in a split second through the crack on the lid.

The crack was about the size of a dime. He jumped out on time because the jar went crashing down on the street. The kidnappers didn’t notice that he escaped.

He walked for what felt like miles and miles passing people that looked like Giants and it seemed like days, until he got to Central Park. He walked around and found the egg on a tall tree. He started climbing the tree and he had to dodge pigeons and squirrels that looked enormous to get to the egg. It took him two hours to get to the egg but he did not care because with the egg he could get back to his normal size. He cracked the egg and ate it. He immediately grew back to his normal size. He looked the same but just sounded different. His voice sounded very squeaky and when he returned home that night his mom never noticed. The kidnappers thought he was dead and eventually got arrested because the people that were on the sidewalk and nearly got hit by the jar called the police and before they came down the building they got caught.

The Obluce juice was returned to the witch doctor and when Kennedy got measured by him they realized that he had grown two inches

Every Day Heroes We Know-My Mom


My mother, Sirley M, grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay until the age of 10. In 1980, her family came to the United States and they moved to West Los Angeles, California. In Uruguay she went to elementary school 4 hours a day and was a pretty good student. Her parents wanted to give her a better education and life that is why they came to California. Before arriving in the U.S. she spent 1 month in Mexico City until her dad was able to cross her, her mom and sister over the border of Mexico-U.S. illegally. She crossed the border through a hole on the fence, then hid under a car until the Immigration car passed by, they got into a car and then someone drove them to where her father was. She only knew one language and it was Spanish. One day after she arrived to West Los Angeles her parents put her in Elementary School.

            When she was in elementary school the kids would make fun of her Spanish accent. English was hard for her to learn so she got held back in the 5th grade. She only had one friend in elementary school because she could not communicate with the other kids in English. She was left out in games and children did not like her so she was the last to be picked.  In Middle school there was a gang in her neighborhood and they were called Sawtelle 13. They were really bad and only used knives in fights. Some of her friends in middle school were in the gang.  Sirley was exposed to the gang but took the right path and chose not to join. One of her friends was shot, another one was put in jail for robbery, then she realized that if she would had joined, she would have lived a similar life like they had.

            In elementary school she was in ESL classes until she went to Junior High. In the 8th grade she made new friends that spoke English only and slowly she learned the language. They also kept her away from the gang. Kids no longer laughed at her because she had different friend and was able to communicate with them. At home her parents did not let her watch TV in Spanish because they wanted her to continue to learn English. In the 9th grade she finished school with a 3.8 grade point average. She did not drop out from High School as many of her gang friends did. She continued to keep grades up and ignore the gangs that could have affected her grades thanks to her new friends.

In the 12th grade she started to work at an office called Helping Services were she helped people fill out their Immigration Papers and their Income Taxes. She got accepted to USC but she could not go because she did not have a Green Card so she went to Santa Monica College and received her AA in Business Administration. When I asked her “Why did you go to College?” she responded “No one else in my family went to college and I wanted to be the first one. A good education was important to my family and that is why we came to this Country”. After she graduated from College she went to work at a Hotel as an Assistant Controller and now after 19 years she is the Director of Operations for the same Hotel. She is now bilingual and speaks English fluently. She is the President for the Lawndale Council PTA and is one of the Commissioners for Lawndale Parks, Recs. and Social Services. I asked her, “Why do you dedicate your time to help the Community?” she replied “I like to give back and help people”. She is now married and has two children. Her parents dream of her getting and better education was fulfilled by going to college and working hard.  Her husband and her were able to buy a house where her parents now live next door.


Kobe’s memoir-The Uncle Who Left

My uncle Max,or as we call him Tio Max,was the funnest person I ever met. He would come visit me every Sunday so the fun could start. We would do so many things together until one day when I was six years old . I was waiting outside for his car to arrive when he did not come. Where could he be?I thought.

I went inside my house to ask my Mom, who was sitting on the couch watching tv, the same question I asked myself,”Where is my Tio Max?”

But she only responded ,”I don’t know.” I knew something was wrong because my Tio and my Mom would always keep in touch. I was sure some one knew something about my Tio’s whereabouts.

“I cried to my Dad where is my Tio?” But he only told me that I would not see  him today. Now I was mad. Why would they keep a secret from me? I thought. I ran up to my room and stuffed my head into my pillow and cried.

This was the final chapter and I was not taking no for an answer. When I was done crying I ran downstairs and repeated the same question until I got an answer.

“Where is my Tio?” I asked. My Dad said nothing.

“Where is my Tio?” I asked again as tears ran down my cheaks.

He finally said “Your Tio moved.”

“Where?” I yelped.

“He moved to Italy.” He said. At that second I was so enraged that no one had told me this big news. I really wanted to leave the house and when I came back my parents would have a good reason why they had not told me, but it did not happen. I wanted to call my Tio and tell him how I felt. I knew there had to be a good reason or opportunity for him to leave  me and my family. I went to my parents and asked them why they had kept this a secret from me?

They replied by saying,” We hadn’t told you because you and him were to close to each other and you would be very upset.”

I answered by saying,” Because you kept the new a secret, you hurt me even more than just telling me.” My parents finally called him and I talked to him, he told me that he had moved to Italy because he got a better job opportunity. I was still very mad but now I understood this problem better. Till this day I still talk to him,e-mail him and send him pictures of me and my family even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other. During the my Birthday and Holidays he sends me a package. He comes back to California about every three and a half years and that is okay with me. We go to the park to play baseball, Universal Studios to ride the simulation race cars, go bowling and do other fun things. I enjoy and try to to make the most of every second he is here.

Welcome to My Awesome Blog – First Post

Hello, my name is Kobe C and this is my awesome blog. In my blog i will tell you about what we are doing in class and the current events that are going on around the world. I will also have many interesting things that will help you in class.

I like to play sports and i am very athletic. I love playing baseball and I am very good at it too. I have also played soccer but I like baseball better. I have played baseball since I was four years old. I have been in the allstars  for two years in a row.

My mom wanted to name me after the Los Angles Galaxy soccer player Cobi Jones. My dad wanted to name me after the Los Angles Laker basketball player Kobe Bryant. They kept the Kobe with a k after all. I have a pretty cool name huh.

  • What is your favorite sport?
  • What do you like to do?
  • Please write me back I will respond to your comment. 🙂